Print Free Baby Shower Invitations

Here are some tips:
* Use colored paper, instead of white paper to give a more creative and softer look.
* Only use pastels and light color paper, dark papers will not show the images well at all.
* Make sure to use cardstock paper for the best look and appeal. Plus, they will last longer for those who keep them for sentimental value.
* No need to use heavy weight cardstock, standard will work just fine.
* Always do a test paper on regular white paper to make sure your printer is aligned properly.
* Some printers need their settings updated to print correctly on stock paper; otherwise the paper may get stuck during printing. Check with your owner’s manual or the company if you are not sure.
* Placing a thin, light and cute color coordinated ribbon through and around the card to secure it, so it's like opening a gift makes these cards more fun! Make a small slit using a blade, not scissors will work better to avoid ripping the card; or, making to large of a slit.

You will need adobe reader to view and print these invitations. The software download is free and safe to install.

Yes, I will be adding more soon. Have a design request? Leave a comment.

New Baby Polka Dot
bears - it's a girl

New Baby Stork

Purple Celebration


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