Preparing For Baby

With baby on the way there are many things to do to prepare for him. Knowing where to start can be very confusing sometimes and then there is the worry about being ready in time and if you accidently forget to do something. No need to worry, I will provide needed information here to help with these concerns. Most of all, remember to stay calm and be happy. You’re going to be a Mommy! Besides, baby will love you the same, even if you haven't yet picked out a middle name by the time he is born.

Many people who have help sites generally place ad sections as their help links to make money. I actually take the time and find the best sites I can find and put the ones I know from personal experience as a mom who spends a lot of time researching being a mom, so you just don't wind up on any random site.

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The costs associated with prenatal care and labor & delivery are very high - totaling around $3,000 - $4,000 for prenatal and around 2,000 - $3,000 for hospital fees for a normal pregnancy and birth. Some may feel this is reason to avoid getting proper prenatal care and make reasons why to try other more "natural" methods of child birth; such as: free birthing - where the mom does not seek the care of a doctor and does it all on her own, including delivery - no mid-wife either. I want to give you soon-to-be-moms more options to look into - before taking risks with your unborn child and your body. Take a breath - it can be a lot easier to pay for then you think.

Note: If you are a mom who wishes to learn more about free-birthing or has chosen this method - you can read more on that topic under, "Choosing Your Doctor" post.

Here are some methods to help pay those costs:
  • Work Insurance: Find out if your job offers insurance at work - and make sure to get a good plan, it doesn't have to offer out-of network providers to be good. We are on In-network only and we have great doctors and no deductibles at all. And, we pay $300 a month for a family plan! They take payments from my husband’s paychecks - so we never miss it or forget to pay it either. With my insurance - I only pay $980 total for everything - this includes all prenatal and the labor and delivery. I get to pay small monthly payments to my doctor before the baby is born and have him all paid off by the time baby is here. The fees the hospital charges are billed after the baby is born and I can make payments on that amount. The insurance is great - I also visit the doctor for other reasons and we would pay over $700 a month without insurance for doctor visits for the whole family.
  • Secondary Insurance: Find out from your local states welfare office if you qualify for Medicaid or low cost health insurance. If you do, you can use it as your secondary insurance to pay your remainder costs, such as your co-pay or deductibles. If you can get insurance at work, please give tax payers a break and only use Medicaid or the low-cost health insurance as the secondary insurance - don't just give up work insurance and have tax payers front the whole bill. Remember, the less states have to pay for assitance programs, the more money they have from taxes to put into local schools and road repairs etc...
  • Local Insurance Providers: Get quotes online from local providers who offer rates equal to work insurance rates. These places vary by location.
  • Low Income to poverty level homes: Find out about services such as clinics that provide health care based on your income and check into your local welfare office for Medicaid and low-cost health insurance - they should pay for all your medical bills for you to ensure healthy baby and mom. Also view this site: American Pregnancy Association.
  • 2-1-1: Dial 2-1-1 on any telephone - this is a free service to everyone - they provide information in your local area to help direct you to services in the area to help you. So, if you need more resources or information with medical help - call them; IT'S FREE!

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Once you have your insurance figured out or if you already have insurance, your next step is to choose your doctor.

First you have a few options:
OB/GYN Doctor

Choosing your doctor can be easier for some than others, especially if a woman has had any negative experiences in the past. I just want to encourage all women not to judge past doctors to ALL doctors. Take a breath and do a little research to make your pregnancy visits pleasant ones.

A few tips from me, a MOM who has had bad experiences as well as good ones.

Some women are lucky enough to have had the same OB/GYN for their annuals and already feel comfortable with their doctor. So, I would suggest keeping him/her; why fix something that is not broken?
  • Talk with close relatives or friends who you know very well who have the same feelings about sensitive subjects such as you do, about who they see and check that doctor out. But, remember who one person feels comfortable with, does not guarantee you will find the same comfort. So, don't schedule your first appointment on someone else's word no matter what they say. Or, how much they praise their doctor - it's your body and you’re right to be in control of the final say.
  • Check with you insurance company to see if you are on an in-network only program; if you're unsure, you really want to find out. Going to an out-of network provider can bring your out-of pocket expense up a lot, so you want to double check your in-network doctors list when choosing your doctor.
  • If you have a secondary insurance you also want to verify that the doctor you choose accepts both types of insurance policies.
  • If you are on Medicaid or Low-Cost government funded health insurance, you are most likely required to pick your primary doctor from their list of doctors and have your primary health doctor refer you to an OB/GYN that also accepts your insurance. Your doctor will ask you questions to help narrow down the choices of OB/GYN doctors to refer to you. Keep in mind, in most all cases you will still be able to choose your doctor - you will just have to do it through your doctor. Only your primary health care physician can refer you to another doctor for treatment of any kind. Otherwise, your insurance will not cover it. This applies to most all insurance companies anyways.
  • Once you have narrowed down the search to what doctors you can choose from there is the next question you must answer: Male or Female? This is something that can dramatically affect your whole outcome of your prenatal visits and delivery of your child. Why? If you are someone who feels closer to a woman than a man or vica versa - you should go with that choice. Otherwise, your trust in your doctor can falter for no real reason, other than their gender affect on you. When pregnant a woman's hormones can cause dramatic release of unusual emotions and reactions to normal situations, even may cause the overreaction and false feeling of inadequate treatment and care when not entirely comfortable with their doctor.
  • After choosing their gender - you want to find a doctor who is close to where you live and also is registered in the hospital of your choice. Keep in mind - some people prefer to pick the hospital first then their doctor based on who is registered at the hospital they picked. Some women prefer the closest hospital and doctor for reasons to assure that if in an emergency situation they are close to their doctor and are being treated by a facility that already knows and understands their pregnancy. This improves the chances of a healthy recovery and care during emergencies and chances for baby survival, but does not guarantee it.
  • Once you have narrowed down your search to doctors who accept your insurance, they are the right gender you feel most comfortable with, and they are in a location suitable for you; it is time to make a few phone calls to see if they are accepting new patients at this time. Not all doctors have slots available for new patients, so expect a few to possibly say they are full at this time. No worries, just move on to the next doctor.
  • If they are taking new patients then you want to find out if they offer free consultations. You may need to explain you want to meet your doctor before committing as this is very important to you to know they meet your needs and things will go smoothly upfront. Don't be surprised if the receptionist tries to tell you that you have no need to worry and how great the doctor is and how all their patients love him/her very much. Just politely say how wonderful that is to hear, and you really are looking forward to the free consultation if she can just set one up for you. If she refuses to do so, thank her for her time and let her know you have a few more calls to make and you may be calling back. Be honest and polite, because you may have to call them back.
  • Once you have all your consult appointments set up, you want to take the time to make those appointments and be prepared. It is important to value their time as it is for them to value yours. So, bring in a list of questions that you find will be very important during your visits there. Don't worry if you can't think of everything, as long as you have a starting point. And, write down notes and points while you are there asking questions. If they see you are serious, that will treat you more seriously. Or, they may dismiss you and you probably want to move on at that point. Always, be polite and don't go into too much detail about you, you are there to review him/her not the other way around. So, write your questions down in advance as you wish to say them, and be brief and to the point to assure the best results and not to confuse the OB/GYN doctor. Remember, if you think of new questions during the consult, you can use them in your next one too; just write them down in your notes. Make sure to thank the doctor for his time - it's only courteous. Now is the best time to begin your doctor-patient relationship.
  • We're almost done - and I know this may seem like a lot, but it really is rewarding when you’re done and not truly as difficult as it reads. Remember, one step at a time- don't rush or think too far ahead and you will be done sooner than you think. And, the rest of your time you can spend relaxing and feeling comforted with the knowledge that you did everything right and things should go as smooth as a babies behind. lol - pun intended. :)
  • All you need to do at this point is to review your notes, see who you like best and who covers most all your needs. Then, call them to schedule your first appointment. Remember, the first appointment will require you to show up about 15 mins early to fill out all the needed paperwork. Bring your photo ID, insurance card, a list of your prescriptions and doses, and any other necessary records you may need to inform your OB/GYN doctor about. You can always ask your primary doctor to provide you with any needed information your OB/GYN may require.
  • That's it!
A few helpful links:
choosing your prenatal doctor - march of dimes

I have personally never used a mid-wife. So, I cannot offer much help here. But, the process to choosing a mid-wife is similar to the steps in choosing your prenatal doctor. I would suggest reading the information on choosing your prenatal doctor to get some helpful information for choosing your mid-wife.

Here are a few help link:

Free birthing:
The way I understand free birthing, is a mother chooses not to include anyone in the medical practice in her pregnancy or child birth. They feel that this is more natural and they are more in control of their bodies this way. Many moms who choose this method do so based on negative past experiences in prenatal care and/or child birth.

These moms will do their own prenatal care; including: blood pressure, fetal heart beat monitoring, measuring their abdomens, checking for varicose veins etc... All these things they check, are things that the medical field has over time deemed necessary for the well being of their unborn child.

However, they cannot do things such as: ultrasounds, pap smears, lab tests for bacteria’s, STDs, blood tests for proper sugar levels etc...

It is important that when choosing this method a lot of research goes into what you need to do and what to expect to best assure a healthy delivery.

Helpful links: There aren't a lot of free birthing links under Google search "free birthing". I posted the first few I came across.

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This list below is thanks to:
I found this site and it was so specific I decided to pass on the information. All credit belongs to the author of the article, not me this time :)



First Month
Second Month
Third Month
Fourth Month
Fifth Month
Sixth Month
Seventh Month
Eighth Month
Ninth Month

The usual schedule of prenatal visits to your practitioner is monthly for the
first twenty-eight weeks, every two weeks from twenty-eight to thirty-six weeks,
and weekly thereafter until delivery. The frequency and complexity of these
visits may vary, according to your practitioner's philosophy, your previous
obstetrical history, and any special needs you and your baby may have. Your
obstetrician or midwife will use the office visits to monitor the changes you
and your baby are experiencing. Most of these changes are normal. Other changes
may signal a concern that needs to be addressed. In most cases, these concerns
can be dealt with or corrected early on so your chances of delivering a healthy
baby are great.
While there are no guarantees in life, taking good care of yourself is one
way to take care of your preborn baby. Regular prenatal visits help to ensure
that your self-care is on target and that your baby is growing, as she should.



On your first visit to your healthcare provider plan to have:
  • Confirmation of pregnancy
  • A general medical history and previous obstetrical history if you have one
  • A general physical exam, including an internal exam
  • Blood tests: hemoglobin and hematocrit, blood typing, rubella titer,
    hepatitis B screen (HIV screen, venereal disease screen, and sickle cell screen
    are optional)
  • Examination and possible cultures for vaginal infections
  • Pap smear
  • Possible blood test for genetic diseases if your history warrants
  • Urinalysis to test for infection, sugar, and protein
  • Weight and blood pressure check
  • Counseling on proper nutrition and avoiding environmental hazards
  • An opportunity to discuss your concerns

During this month's visit you may have:
  • An examination of your abdomen
  • An examination of the size and height of uterus
  • A hemoglobin and hematocrit check for anemia
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Weight and blood pressure check
  • Urinalysis to test for infection, sugar, and protein
  • An opportunity to discuss your concerns

10-14 WEEKS
During this month's visit you may have:
  • Examination of your abdomen to feel the top of the uterus
  • Examination of the size and height of uterus
  • Hemoglobin and hematocrit
  • Urinalysis to test for infection, sugar, and protein
  • Weight and blood pressure check
  • Possibly hearing baby's heartbeat with a doppler device
  • Discussion of tests if needed: ultrasound, chorionic villus sampling,
    amniocentesis, and prenatal screening for genetic problems
  • Exam for swelling of hands and legs or fluid retention
  • An opportunity to discuss your concerns

15-19 WEEKS
During this month's visit you may have:
  • Examination of the size and height of uterus
  • Examination for swelling varicose veins, and rashes
  • An opportunity to hear baby's heartbeat
  • Opportunity to possibly see baby move and all the organs that are now
    developed on ultrasound, if indicated
  • A triple screen test for possible prenatal genetic defects
  • Weight and blood pressure check (expect a more rapid weight gain over the
    next three months)
  • Urinalysis to test for infection, sugar, and protein
  • Ultrasound in many practices is now a routine around 15-19 weeks to screen
    for possible birth defects, number of babies, placental location, and dating of
    baby's age.
  • An opportunity to discuss feeling baby move, which you may have already
  • An opportunity to discuss your concerns

20-24 WEEKS
During this month's visit you may have:
  • Examination for the size and height of uterus
  • An abdominal exam
  • Examination of your breasts and skin
  • Examination for swelling of hands, legs, and enlargement of veins
  • Weight and blood pressure
  • Urinalysis to test for infection, sugar, and protein
  • An opportunity to hear baby's heartbeat
  • An opportunity to see baby on ultrasound, if indicated
  • An assessment of fetal activity -- how often your baby moves and what it
    feels like
  • An opportunity to discuss your concerns

24-28 WEEKS
During this month's visit you may have:
  • Examination of the size and height of uterus
  • Weight and blood pressure check
  • Urinalysis to test for infection, sugar, and protein
  • Oral glucose tolerance test, screening for gestational glucose intolerance,
    if indicated
  • Vaginal culture, screening test for beta strep infection, if indicated
  • An opportunity to hear your baby's heart beat
  • An opportunity to see your baby growing on ultrasound, if indicated
  • An opportunity to discuss your concerns

28-32 WEEKS
During this month's visit you may have:
  • Examination of the size and height of uterus
  • Examination of your skin for rashes, enlarging veins, and swelling
  • Weight and blood pressure check
  • Urinalysis to test for infection, sugar, and protein
  • Hemoglobin and hematocrit, if indicated
  • Review of your diet, an opportunity to discuss your weight, if necessary.
  • An opportunity to hear baby's heartbeat
  • An opportunity to see on ultrasound how baby has grown (if indicated)
  • An opportunity to discuss your concerns
During month seven and eight your healthcare provider may want to check you twice a month.


32-36 WEEKS
During this month's visit you may have:
  • Examination of the size and height of uterus
  • Examination of your skin for rashes, enlarging veins, and swelling
  • Weight and blood pressure check
  • Urinalysis to test for infection, sugar, and protein
  • Hemoglobin and hematocrit, if indicated
  • Review of your diet, an opportunity to discuss your weight, if necessary.
  • An opportunity to hear baby's heartbeat
  • An opportunity to see how baby has grown on ultrasound, if indicated
  • An opportunity to discuss your concerns
During month seven and eight your healthcare provider may want to check you twice a month.


36-40 WEEKS
During this month your healthcare provider may check you weekly. During this month's visit you may have:
  • Examination of the size and height of uterus
  • Palpation of your uterus to determine position of baby
  • An internal exam, if indicated
  • Weight and blood pressure check
  • An ultrasound exam if needed to determine the size and position of your baby
  • Urinalysis to test for infection, sugar, and protein,
  • An opportunity to discuss when to call your practitioner if labor begins
  • An opportunity to discuss the difference between Braxton-Hicks contractions
    and the "real" ones
  • An opportunity to discuss signs that labor has begun
  • An opportunity to discuss when to go to the hospital or birth center
  • An opportunity to discuss your birth plan, including labor assistants,
    avoiding episiotomy, or special birth requests
  • An opportunity to discuss other concerns
If your weekly or twice weekly visits drag on, your healthcare provider may discuss what to do when you're "overdue". You may have weekly ultrasound examinations to assess the volume of the amniotic fluid, a biophysical profile, or discussion of possible induction of labor at some point. If you are overdue your healthcare provider will counsel you on worrisome signs to watch for. Frequency and content of healthcare provider visits during the final month depends greatly on your particular obstetrical situation.

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It is normal to be concerned during your pregnancy. So, take a breath and read some of these articles I have found that may help you understand your body a little more.
Remember, if you have any concerns or questions in regards to your pregnancy you should always consult with your prenatal doctor or mid-wife.

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Being healthy during pregnancy is very important for yourself and your unborn child. Lack of proper care for yourself can make your pregnancy and delivery harder. It can also, cause irreversible health problems on the unborn child before and after birth; including the rest of his life.

Here are a few tips from me: (You should always consult with your prenatal doctor or mid-wife on what is best for you and your child)
  • Take prenatal vitamins - Read this helpful site
  • Don't over eat - the saying, "You are eating for two" is untrue. You are NOT eating for two - it's a myth. Instead you are eating for one and "a third". A non-overweight women generally only needs to gain no more than 24-28 lbs for her whole pregnancy. Any more than that, is just weight you will have to deal with after the baby is born, and it is NOT babies fault. Or, "Baby Fat" from pregnancy. It is simple over eating that will cause you to be "over weight" after baby is born. Yes, you will have some excess fat for breast feeding purposes after baby is born, but when you breast feed, that should take care of most of the weight and simple exercise will help tone you back up with in weeks or a couple months at most.
    There are a few medical exceptions that can alter this; this is based on a normal single birth pregnancy.
Visit your dentist - Most women do not know that dental care is important care for your unborn child too. Read this article for more information
    Note: Never diet when pregnant - work with your mid-wife or prenatal doctor with any health concerns.

    • Avoid too many sugary or salty foods - Oh how! I know I love those items when I am pregnant. So, what to do?? Well go for the healthy versions, like low-fat ice cream or eat low salt saltine crackers to get that salt fill. Those crackers also help ease moring sickness!
      Did you think peanuts! They are a very healthy alternative to fast food meals and you will get the salt, (sugar,) and protein your body is craving, without all the tired and yucky feelings afterwards. That is of course, you are not allergic to peanuts.
      Also, apple slices dipped in peanut butter. Remember, fruit has sugar, but healthier sugar - so when you have a sweet tooth grab a piece of fruit. I buy watermelon and cut in up and put it in the fridge. I love the juicy, sweet taste when I need a sweet snack. I eat ice cream for the calcium when I really need something else.
      There is also having a nice healthy bowl of oatmeal! Yummy - all these foods are easy and fast to make and eat. They will help you eat healthier and help keep your energy high.
      Visit WIC for more healthy eating help and options - many people will qualify for food checks which provide you with healthy foods to eat while pregnant at no cost to you. You take the checks to grocery stores, wal-mart, target, and any other place that accepts them and you pick out items that are listed on the checks and you pay for them with the checks issued to you. Check out their website for more information.
    • Unless your prenatal doctor or mid-wife says otherwise; exercise is still OK. Go out and get some - keep your jogging or walking routine. Make those trips to the gym - but always follow proper pregnancy work out guidelines.
    • Did anyone say massage? Yes, you can get them too. There are many professional massage therapists who are certified for massage therapy on pregnant women!
    • Don' forget your back! Many doctors will never say this one word, "chiropractor". They do not see them as real professional doctors and many doctors are ashamed to call chiropractors a doctor. You will even find that insurance companies do not recognize them either as qualified to make a medical decision. I know, I was in a car accident and my case was taken lightly because I had seen a chiropractor to fix my back instead of a "real" doctor. Had I had a "real doctor" refer me, then I would have been compensated properly. But, since I went by a chiropractor’s medical advice, it was practically ignored as a proper medical issue. I had to go for a whole year several times a week to fix my back. blah ... anyways. I know that chiropractors DO WORK and they really make back problems disappear. No need to hunch over in pain or take un-needed medications the doctors are paid to prescribe out. Get practically instant results on your whole body, even overall health - visit a chiropractor. You'll be amazed how those headaches, back aches and more disappear and you start to walk with an extra step in your strut. :)
      Note: As with picking a prenatal doctor, not all chiropractors are the same. Some are more aggressive than others. I prefer the ones who go right in and pop out the problem areas. Other people are afraid of that technique and need a less aggressive doctor. So, find out how their methods work before committing to one. I have had one who rarely used his hands to pop out issues, but instead tools. I found that just getting right in works best; the tools didn't do much for me. It may be a little scary - but remember, they haven't killed anyone or broke a back doing what they do. They know what they are doing. Also, ask for references - to help ease your mind. It's your body, take control.
    Help links: I recommend reading over these links: << -- working while pregnant <<--perfect diet

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    I have been pregnant a few times and can say that so far, no pregnancy has been the same for me. But, one thing seemed to always come to my attention and that was my comfort; as pregnancy progresses - the need for comfort changes too.

    At one point we deal with morning sickness and fatigue. Then, it is tight clothing and hot flashes. Next we find, walking and standing, even sleeping getting more difficult. So, what do we do to keep comfortable?

    Many women can offer much advice on how they were able to deal with their pregnancy discomforts. So, I thought the best thing to do for this subject was to post helpful sites that answer many way other moms have found comfort.

    The First Trimester
    The Second Trimester
    The Third Trimester
    The Last 6 Weeks
    (Tri-mester help links are from

    Pregnancy & Work - staying comfortable
    Comfortable Sleep Positions During Pregnancy
    Plan for a More Comfortable Pregnancy

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    Ahhh, Yes - Pregnancy Myths. Whether you realize it our not, we all have heard a pregnancy myth or two in our lives. And, as fun as they are to hear and try to go by, they are just myths.

    I was told for most of my whole 3rd pregnancy that I was going to have a boy, no doubt about it. Everywhere I went that people spoke to me about my pregnancy, they used the myths and said I was having a boy.

    Funny thing is my then 8 yr old daughter said the whole time I was going to have a girl. She was completely sure of it, not because of myths, but because she was her sister. She said she felt it inside of her heart that the baby was a girl. And, in the end - the only person who was right, was an 8 year old child. Someone who based the baby on love and bond, not myths and ole wives tales.

    Funny how that works.

    Here is a myth - I bet you wouldn't have known was a myth (unless you read my post above about eating healthy). When people say you are eating for two while pregnant -that is just a myth. read more...

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    Planning for new baby can feel overwhelming for many moms-to-be; however, it doesn't have to be. I have put together this list of basic needs for newborn baby. This is just for those who do not want to spend money on things they do not really need and want to save money, too! This list is designed for allowing a week between having to do laundry for baby. Believe me that may be all the time you find for baby's laundry. Plus, not have to worry about baby needs for the first month or longer - just relax and care for your precious newborn.

    (Keep in mind: You will not need much at the hospital for baby. They provide pretty much everything and let you take home many things) I never needed to bring anything for my babies when they were born, except an outfit I wanted their hospital photo taken in. You will need the car seat!)
    Note: I added links for example purpose only. I am not saying any brand/style I may link to is the best choice for baby.

    Toiletries: >> Print Checklist <<
    • 1-28oz Baby head-to-toe bath wash - this saves on buying to many wash needs.
    • Buy a bulk size of baby wipes - Wal-mart has a 570 approx. count huggies wipes for about $14.87 - that will go a long way and save loads of money!
    • Buy a large box of newborn baby diapers (approx - 240)- Newborns need changing about every 2 hours, that's about 10-12 diapers a day! (buy bulk at - "money saving tips" for more info)
    • 1 Baby nail safety clippers
    • 2-15oz Baby Powders - try one with aloe and pure cornstarch. Cornstarch has excellent absorbency to it. It helped a friend’s baby with sensitive skin, no longer have baby diaper rash! Keep one in diaper bag - those travel size ones are great too.
    • 1; 6-8oz Diaper Rash Cream -
    • 1-15oz Baby lotion (not oil)
    • small bottle of rubbing alcohol - for cleaning belly button cord stump; use clean tissue or cotton swabs to clean with.
    • Wash Cloths - Buy an 8 pack of washcloths for cleaning baby. The baby ones work best as they are thin and gentle enough for baby's sensitive skin and allow you to easily wrap your finger to clean behind baby's ears and small places like in-between toes with out to much cloth getting in the way. Note: Clean baby's face first then work your way to the dirtiest places last, to get most out of one washcloth.
    • ** Baby towels are not necessary - I have used my own home towels; never needed to buy baby ones. They are soft and large enough to wrap them in and cover their heads with ease.
    • 3-4, 4oz baby bottles - for bottle fed babies.
    • 2 Crib Bed sheets (one for crib, the other is to put on crib when you are washing the dirty one)
    • Crib or bassinet - I love the pack-n-play with bassinet on it. My daughter slept in the bassinet for the first 5 months, then we removed it and she sleeps in the pack-n-play part now. It is safe and easy to clean, plus only costed us $100 and it is nice! The pack-n-play even came with a non-electrical mobile, diaper/wipe holder too. You can have a separate one for outside use.
    • About 5 thin soft receiving blankets, such as the receiving blanket the hospital gives you. Anything bigger or using more than one in the sleeping area can lead to S.I.D.S (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Learn how to swaddle your newborn for their comfort.
    • Car Seat - The convertible car seats are the way to go; they save money! They convert from rear facing to forward facing when baby is big and old enough to sit up. This saves on having to buy a car seat again, when your child is 12 months old and/or 22lbs - whichever comes first. I bought mine for less than $50 - look for sales! Online sales are great, most places will offer free shipping on orders over $50. Check them out!
    • Don't worry about buying a diaper bag - get yours free at the hospital.
    • Big clunky strollers are not really necessary - a baby sling/carrier that goes around your neck and chest will do. Even a simple umbrella stroller with an infant head/body support placed in it, is fine too. Make sure to properly secure baby in any transport device you place them in. There are even covers that lay in grocery cart seats that you can use to lay baby in comfortably while shopping. It's like making a comfy bed in the seat, make sure to put the plastic seat tray inside up to block the leg holes meant for older children to put their legs through who sit inside the seat.
    • Vehicle Window Sun Blockers - If you do not have tinted windows, buy the ones that roll up and down for easy use. The problem with the cling ones is if the weather gets cold, they won't stick well and can freeze off. Plus, you won't be able to roll your windows up and down without pulling the clings off. (personal knowledge) - so, I use the ones that have hooks that hang on your window and it holds it in place and it has one suction cup on the bottom.
    • 1-8 pack of onesies
    • 2-multi-packs of full body suits - approx 3-5 in a pack. Keep in mind, it is as important for baby to be warm, as it is for them to be cool. Babies that are too hot or too cold are at a higher risk of S.I.D.S.
    • 1 pack of baby socks - approx 6-8 socks. Babies don't get them dirty fast, so it is ok to only change a pair of socks once a day.
    • 1 pack of 6 or more reusable old fasion cloth diapers - any brand is fine. Why? They make great burp cloths and can be used for nursing moms to cover up quickly too; go from burping to covering up. Plus, they make great baby bibs (tuck one side gently into neck of shirt like you would a napkin on yourself), to burp cloth (keep it on baby and pull from underneath up and over your shoulder), to covering back up mom when feeding:) Lastly, they come in handy for emergency diapers if you run out of disposable ones (if you use disposables). Be sure to label the ones you wish to keep aside in diaper bag for emergency diapers, so you can keep them separate from the ones for babies burping use. A simple mark with a black permanent marker would do fine.
    • Baby Cap/Hat - heat escapes fast from baby's head. (hospitals usually always send you home with a nit cap for babie's head. It is important to keep their head covered to keep their body warm, even if you are indoors and the temperature feels fine to you; their feet should have socks on too. The way a person’s body works is: the vital organs will be protected by instinct, so blood rushes to the heart area from hands and feet first when body is getting cold. If this happens baby's hands and feet will get freezing and have lack of blood to them. Keep their heads and feet covered as much as possible to regulate the warmth and blood flow in baby's body.
    • For winter: have a warm blanket or something to cover baby during transport out in the weather. Bundling baby in coats and thick outfits is unsafe in many ways, especially in car seats. Just keep baby completely covered by a think warm fleece blanket will do.
    • Pacifier - don't worry if you do not have one. The hospitals generally have one or two you can take home.
    • Newborns do not need baby toys - feel free to put a wait on them.
    • Baby thermometer - not always needed, but safe idea to have one on hand. You do not need the expensive ones, there are digital thermometers for as little as $5 available.

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    I thought about writing an article here about my pregnancies and trimesters. But, I saw this site and realized I could not top it. So, here you go!

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    As stated in the basic baby list - you really do not need a list for baby at the hospital. Even mommy does not need much at all. Keep in mind, most recovery rooms are small and too much stuff will make being comfortable that much harder on a couple. And, believe me - comfort is much needed after the birth of a newborn.

    Here is a simple baby list: >> Print check list <<
    • Car Seat
    • Winter: Fleece or thick Blanket to place over car seat to cover baby. You can buy a car seat cover also. They have a part where you can pull it back to see baby's face and Velcro it secure to cover baby back up.
    • 4oz Baby bottle for diaper bag (if mom does not nurse)
    • Some baby wipes for diaper bag. They use wash clothes at the hospital, so you won't get any to take home
    • a onesie and a full body suit for baby to change in
    The rest is up to your discretion

    Here is a simple Mommy list:
    • A Big Bag to take home all the goodies!
    • Hospital will give mom pads and a water bottle and anything else she will need for her personal care, for natural deliveries. Never use tampons!
    • A change of clothes - something light and comfy for mom. Plus, a shirt that allows her body to breathe and give easy access and discrete coverage for nursing baby.
    • Nursing Bra
    • A couple changes of cotton panties
    • Slippers
    • Some cash for food ordering. Most insurances will only cover mommy, not daddy or guests.
    • Hair brush and hair ties for mommies with long hair. It gets in the way, having it in a pony tails can help make mommy more comfortable.
    • Make Up - some moms want make up; others like me do not care to worry about being done up. But, hey - those photos will be with you forever most likely. :)
    • Unless you have special needs toiletries - soaps etc... are provided by the hospital. However, bring deodorant.
    • Medications are also provided by the hospital; such as: Tylenol and prenatal vitamins-
    • Focal Point Item: Did you have lamaze class and picked out something for your special focal point? Well, make sure to pack it in advance.
    • Don't forget the Camera like we did! The doctor had to ask the nurse to go to the gift shop for us. LOL - how did we miss that!

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    (Please note this post is my personal opinion intended to help put a strong perspective in the need for healthier care of baby during pregnancy and not intended to judge or force any decision on any parent. Always consult with your physician with what is best for you and your unborn child) Educational Purpose Information

    If you plan on getting pregnant or are pregnant it is strongly recommended to stay away from the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Those beverages can lead to FASD's (“fetal alcohol spectrum disorders”), mental health and physical disorders - even if you only drank during your first tri-mester, even only in the first few weeks.

    Here are a few articles:
    march of dimes thoughts
    Is there a safe amount?
    fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS)

    There are other drinks that are also advised to stay away from and they include teas, coffees, soda and any other caffeinated beverages.
    (There are a high number of premature birth rates connected with the consumption of caffeinated beverages, along with other medical birth defects and/or health issues on the baby)

    Drinking caffeinated beverages has been associated with health issues even after the birth of a child. Many moms can easily quit drinking alcohol while pregnant as they associate alcoholic types of beverages as a drug and something that is poison to an unborn child. And, they are right - however many women everyday do not consider the giving up of other beverages that do not have an age limit on their purchase. Many women will read this article and say, "I NEED MY COFFEE" - But, what about what the baby needs? If you choose to be a parent, being a good parent doesn't start after the birth of a child to make the right decision in their health and development of their growth; it starts even before pregnancy. If you choose to NEED your coffee or other harmful drinks - you may probably choose to ignore the side effects that will most likely result on your child. (I have added tips and substitute suggestions at the end of this article as I believe complete sacrifice is not needed)

    Caffeine hikes miscarriage risk <<-click for video
    Pregnant women who drink 2 cups or more of coffee a day face double the risk of miscarriage. NBC's Marianne Favro reports.
    I personally have noticed many moms who find excuses and disregard the medical connections to avoid their responsibility in what they choose to do. So, when their child has issues after it is born, they tend to blame the other parent or the child itself; most never themselves. Or, they disregard the studies and say, "My child is very healthy." Keep in mind there are many effects of these types of choices may not show on a child until later in their development in life; such as: during adolescence and/or puberty. Then the struggles really kick in, and then many of those parents blame society.

    Or there's the, "Many moms have done it and those kids are just fine.", even this one, "My mom did and I turned out just fine." But, I beg to differ - maybe from a bird’s eye point of view, there are many people who seem just fine. But, realistically - take a 2nd look at society when you go outside. How many people are really truly that healthy? Why do we need so much health care and can't afford it? How many people are truly mentally healthy? Are you as healthy as you think, or do you suffer from physical and/or mental challenges more than you allow yourself to believe.

    My thoughts are: Why not give up those things (caffeine, smoking, etc..)  for the 9 months of pregnancy to help improve the chances of your child’s health for the rest of his/her life. You can't control all the outside factors like pollutions and germs in public places all by yourself, but you can control your choices and what you put in your body. We already have to deal with the poor enviornment, why add to that? If you can't make sacrifices now - for just a simple 9 months how can you feel you can make those sacrifices later in life to raise the child. As a parent, I know what kind of sacrifices there are to make and how many people who care around me have their thoughts on giving even more. To be a mom is to no longer think of yourself first, but what is in the best interest of your child. Selfishness is not in the job description, ever! But, finding a good healthy balance that is where I think things should be placed in life.

    Tips and Suggestions:
    Alcoholic Beverages:
    So, back to drinking while pregnant - alcohol anytime - not OK; the moderation here is to drink non-alcoholic beverages if you need to feel indulged in the act of drinking with friends or just relaxing while sitting on the patio with your partner or friends. Here is a great article in regards to non-alcoholic beer sent to me in an email newsletter by,, I want to share.

    Here's to You
    Sometimes after a long week, you just want to prop your feet up and pop open a cold one. These days, you may not be able to catch a buzz, but there’s no reason you can’t partake in the ritual. Here, a round-up of our favorite non-alcoholic brewskis.
    • O’Doul’s: Perhaps the best known and most-widely available brand, you shouldn’t have to look far to locate a few of these for your fridge.
    • Kaliber: This non-alcoholic brew is from the fine folks at Guinness -- if you’re looking for a rich, malt-type beer that evokes St. Patrick’s Days gone by, look no further.
    • St. Pauli N.A.: The makers of St. Pauli Girl have produced the number-one imported non-alcoholic beer in America, with great flavor, and no bitter aftertaste.
    Now, what should you munch on with that cold one? 15 Pregnancy Power Foods 40 Super-healthy Snacks for Moms-to-Be 5 Foods You Should be Eating More of

    Check out this sites caffeine content list:

    On that note; here are a few ideas from me:
    Caffeinated Beverages:
    Try caffeine free products - you can even buy diet caffeine free sodas and teas to help cut back on the sugar too. There are a few products I think taste great compared to others. It is very important to drink plenty of water to keep hydrated, sodas will not care for your baby or body in any brand. Dairy products are a must, make sure to get a lot and take calcium supplements to ensure your bodies bone density care and your babies need for strong bones, nails and teeth devolvement.

    Good Soda Substitue recommendations:
    diet caffeine free Dr. Pepper
    diet caffeine free Pepsi (one I like to drink anyways - it is really good)
    Diet 7up and Diet Sprite - they don't contain caffeine anyways :)
    Diet Barq's Root Beer - doesn't contain caffeine anyways either

    Decafe Coffee - cut back on the sugar or use honey to sweeten your coffee instead - give it a try! Note: honey is sweeter than sugar, so you use less amounts than you would sugar. Or, try lighter coffees - avoid dark roasted or strong heavy rich coffees, so that you can use less sugar and still sweeten your coffee.

    Benefits of honey: Read this article
    Hear from the people - this is a link to a yahoo answers question about honey in coffee instead of sugar. See what the responces were.

    Moderation Options: If you are having a hard time with some of these changes, try moderation to cut back. Instead of drinking regular soda/coffee at home and everywhere you go, try only drinking soda/coffee and limiting it to a small-medium sized cup only when eating out. If you eat out often, then only when you have lunch. If you drink coffee, maybe only one 6 oz cup in the mornings when you wake up and decaf the rest of the day, even if this means taking the make your own cup packets to work.

    Find a way to moderate your caffeine intake; remember, chocolate contains caffeine, too. Also, keep a photo of a baby who suffers from some of these medical issues listed above with you, and when you find yourself craving to much - look at the photo and imaging it being your baby after he/she is born and grab the caffeine free soda/coffee instead.

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    While there are many women who do not care of the effects smoking while pregnant may cause, in many cases - it seems more likely they are just uneducated or not interested in what the facts have to say and pass off their choice to smoke as a right. Or, say - "I haven't seen any children harmed by smoking moms" and/or "I am just fine and my mom smoked.”

    Here is an article by that makes people go hmmm.... She is worried about her unborn child being affected by jack hammer noise and she smokes while pregnant. Click photo to be taken to site to read more information. And, yes - the photo and story are in fact true.

    I hope there are not any anti-abortionist smoking while pregnant, talk about another controversy.

    smoking_pregnancy_baby_nhs_poster As the parent, you can choose to do what you wish; all I would like to see is that more moms make their choices behind educated decisions. Don't turn away from what you do not want to face or hear, read it - get informed and if you still feel comfortable with your decision, you can back it up. So, no - I am not saying, "Hey you - you’re a horrible person."On the contrary, I am just offering a compassionate hand for our future babies and offering education and some alternatives to help mothers give a little more for their children. Complete sacrifice can be too hard and scary and maybe even a shock on your body. On that note: I will be the first to say, I am not a perfect mom either. No that doesn't mean I smoke - I quit smoking as soon as I found out I was pregnant with my first two pregnancies; after they stopped nursing, I went back to smoking. But, I quit completely when my 2nd daughter was 2 1/2 and do not smoke anymore. Keep in mind - I never smoked in the house or around my kids. I didn't want to do that to them, smoking was my bad habit, not theirs.

    Again, you should always work with your OB/Gyn or mid-wife to help you with making the best choices for your pregnancy and unborn child.

    Here are a few help links that I have come across:* Toddler Smokes a Pack a Day - "Guinness Book of World Records" category for the world's youngest smoker
    * Methods to Help You Quit Smoking While You're Pregnant
    * EHOW - how to stop smoking while pregnant
    Stop Smoking Treatments:
    Nicotine Replacement Therapy
    Nicotine gum
    Nicotine patches
    Nasal Spray

    Facts About Smoking and Environmental Tobacco Smoke During Pregnancy
    • Numerous scientific studies indicate that smoking by pregnant women, or
      their regular exposure to environmental tobacco smoke, also known as secondhand smoke, dramatically increases the risk of a range of health problems both to themselves and their babies, including the following: spontaneous abortions
    • ectopic pregnancies
    • other birth and delivery problems
    • fetal brain damage
    • growth retardation/low birth weight
    • lower or higher than normal infant blood pressure
    • problems requiring neonatal intensive care
    • infant death from perinatal disorders
    • sudden infant death syndrome
    • mental retardation
    • respiratory disorders during childhood
    • Attention Deficit Disorder
    • other learning and developmental problems
    • behavioral problems, violence, and criminality
    • smoking during adolescence
    • Various adult health problems
    • cancer-causing agents in infants’ blood: potentially carcinogenic mutations; and childhood leukemia
    Cost Effectiveness of Smoking Cessation during Pregnancy
    • Smoking cessation for pregnant women results in savings of $2 to $3 for every dollar spent.
    • The savings from preventing hospitalizations for illnesses and conditions related to low birth weight are more than $6 for every $1 spent on smoking cessation.
    • Americans spend an estimated $1.4 billion on complicated births due to smoking.
    • An annual decrease of only 1% in smoking prevalence in the U.S. would result in 1,300 fewer low weight births and would save $21 million in direct medical costs in the first year of a smoking cessation program.
    What do I need to know about Smoking and Breastfeeding?
    • Smoking can cause problems if the mother breastfeeds her baby. Nicotine is a drug that is passed to the baby in her breastmilk, and can cause nausea, colic, cramping and diarrhea in the baby.
    • Smoking may reduce milk supply and interfere with the let-down
    • Even formula-fed infants of mothers who smoke excrete nicotine and cotinine (a nicotine by-product) in their urine.
    • For mothers who smoke, it is recommended that they abstain from smoking for two hours before nursing. This means quitting for mothers of newborns.
    • Mothers who smoke should smoke outside, away from the baby.
    • Absorption of nicotine by infants is greater from the respiratory tract than from breast milk.
    • The benefits of breastfeeding may outweigh the risk of some nicotine exposure.
    Read More....view their website here.....

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    I am sure you are wondering why I have baby showers and decorating baby nursery in the same category. Well, I think they come together - when you plan your baby shower the theme should match the nursery, right?

    So, first we want to think of how to decorate the nursery and then what we want to request in the baby shower to assist with the final touches.

    So let's get started:

    Decorating Nursery:
    This part doesn't have to be hard at all. You do not need to go overboard and even if you want to, start off small and let the rest fall into place. So, the first and most important step here is the think of a baby theme and colors. I know many people and commercials try to make this seem so hard, but it is really is as simple as you allow it to be.

    Thinking of Theme:
    Many mom's just pick themes based on what they find cute in the stores, they allow others to do all the decorating and thinking for them. Which are pretty simple and not a bad thing at all; however, if you want to be creative and unique - that can be done simply too.

    On thinking up your own theme here are a few tips:
    * Think nostalgic - Talk to your grandmother about cute ways to bring back the past. Pick
    light pastels and lace, linen, and needle point with your decor. Be careful if you decorate
    with items actually from the past - you may want to make sure to avoid things that may
    contain lead. You can find antique store to get some great decorations and find your
    final theme there. For example: you want to design in old fashioned baby carriages as your
    main theme image.
    * What about your favorite animal or toy as a child. Design your theme around that - make
    sure it won’t be a too hard to find toy - even these days velveteen rabbit is hard to design
    around; but it can be done.
    * Do you like fantasy - like fairies/pixies, or sun and stars. Write a small list of your likes and
    think of concepts to put them in a baby's room.
    * 5 Simple Ways To Feng Shui Your Nursery

    What about color? Using neutral and pastel colors seems the best choice for a baby's room. They are soft and gentle enough for baby. They help bring calming moods in the room and aid in relaxing those who enter the room with the baby. Others like bright room colors to bring out joy.

    Again, matching the colors can be a tad bit of a pain in the butt, so let the pro's help you out.

    Read this really great article for more tips:-->> COLOURlovers
    -->>Mixing and Matching Your Nursery Colors

    Wonderful, now you have your theme and colors picked out - let’s get to the final touches.

    Here is something I recommend doing to make getting things right the first time easier. Get a piece of construction paper and draw in pencil an outline of the nursery floor plan. Make sure to account for doorways, electrical outlets, and windows. It is best to take measurements first and account for them when making your floor plan. Use inches to replace feet; so if the room is 13 ft wide and 11ft long - you would draw the measurements to 13in x 11in. The same goes for adding the doors and windows; make them to size too.

    It really is fairly easy to do and when you are done, you move onto the next step. Keeping in mind all the furniture you want to add, make cut outs of them per reasonable scale too. So, on a different colored piece of construction paper, draw your crib (make a rectangle), your diaper trash (maybe a small circle), diaper changing table, baby's dresser; you get the point. Cut them out neatly and rearrange them on your floor plan until you have everything the way you like it making sure it all fits. Keep the measurements in mind when you buy those items or place them on your baby registry - you want to keep to the same measurements. Remember, 1inch = 1 ft in this example.

    Cool - now you can paint - Make sure that mom-to-be does not do any of the scraping or sanding of old paint to protect mom-to-be and baby from the possibility of lead being in old paint. Also, room must be very well ventilated and mom-to-be should leave the room every 20-30 mins or so for some fresh air. Better to be safe at all times, especially if mom-to-be seems a little winded and/or lightheaded.

    Wall Decor:
    I would recommend using those transparent edged peely cut-outs, that way if you get the new furniture and you decided with a taller dresser or shorter one (for example) you can unstick the wall design and move it higher or lower, if needed. Plus, it makes for easier redesigning of room when the baby gets older; just peel it off -they're mess free. You must make sure the wall is clean and any paint is completely dry before applying the wall peelies. Read the instructions for proper use.

    Set up:
    Now you can put everything in the room and get it all pre-ready for when your baby shower arrives. After that, place your gifts where they should go and you are all done!!

    Now, that leaves us with the:

    Woo hooooo.... gotta love the baby shower!!
    Having a baby shower helps bring family together and share in the joy of new baby to come. Everyone gets to have a fun time playing games and getting to learn many things about babies and parenting skills.

    Before you can have the baby shower there are many things to do when planning your baby shower.
    I find it best to ask a close family member to help plan and set up your special event. And, to help you get through it all I have put together this special page with information and sites that I feel will help make things easier for you.

    Go to the Baby Shower Page -->>:

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    Should you go for style, price, or brand name? What about safety? Well, there are many different styles and sizes of car seats to choose from, so let's get started.

    * Safety First: Car Safety Seats: A Guide for Families 2009
    If you buy used - check the expiration date and remember you can always take it to your local fire dept and have them provide a free inspection and safety tips. I recommend taking your car seat whether new or used to the fire dept after your child is born and having them show you the proper way to secure your baby into your car seat.

    Do you know that many parents think they are doing everything right and find out they have their car seats in wrong. There are many parents who are not aware they may need to secure a rolled towel or tube under their rear facing car seat. Not having that is actually putting their baby in danger - so take the time to make sure your baby IS SAFE. Don't wait for the car accident you didn't think you would have to show you how important that visit to the fire dept really was and now it's too late.

    You can also visit: safe kids to locate a "Safe Kids" set up for car seat safety checks and more. Plus, they provide low cost car seats (not low safety) to those who need assistance on the purchase of a car seat for their baby. It is easy to set up and is a short visit for them to make sure it installs properly into your vehicle.

    * Car Seat Compatibility Listing - Will the car seat you love in the store - work for your vehicle? Use this site to help find out. Or, use this site to help figure out what types of car seats to look into to save you a lot of time and the mistake of the wrong car seat.

    * Which child safety seat is "the best" for my child? Got questions? This site has answers; even the best way to keep your baby safe and warm in the winter. There ARE WRONG ways to put baby in a car seat during winter. Like you should never, bundle baby, then buckle!

    * - Have more questions? Try this forum to talk to others to find answers to your questions before purchasing. Also, check Google for reviews on the car seat you are looking to buy - type in the name and style of the car seat and then the word reviews. This way you can see reviews by other parents and others.

    My Thoughts:
    My favorite car seat is the convertible - since this one goes from rear facing to forward facing and if your child happens to be a fast growing baby like mine, it will hold a larger infant while still in rear facing needs. When your baby is bigger and needs a forward facing, don't go and buy a new one, this one converts to forward facing! Wohooo.

    My daughter was born 8'3 and grew fast, she is not overweight nor does she look like she is overweight. She is a good weight and height - but she is already in 18 month sizes at 25lbs and she is only 10 months. Two months ago she outgrew the rear facing as it only holds up to 22lbs or 12 months of age, so this meant I had to buy a convertible car seat anyways. My first two children were smaller and they fit just fine in the rear facing the whole time. So, kids are not predictable and this is why I prefer the convertible car seat.

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    There are many different types of family lifestyles - so, you will find many styles of strollers.
    The question is: Which stroller is right for you?

    Umbrella Stroller: This stroller is my preferred stroller due to its light weight, easy movability, excellent storability in the trunk of a car without taking all the space, and can be used from birth up to 2 years of age, and older for some parents. I personally hate trying to collapse and fold up those larger strollers. And, forget it when I go into a store, I seem to block the isles, I have troubles maneuvering around the turns and my older daughter can't help push the larger strollers either.
    I have some tips on newborn traveling here: BASIC BABY NEEDS

    Standard Strollers: These strollers are considered convenient due to the way it accommodates parents' needs. There is a larger umbrella cover on top which has better coverage against sun and rain, than an umbrella stroller does. There are usually cup holders for child and on top for parents, including a storage area which can hold a cell phone and keys. The handles are higher up for parents who are taller and help them from leaning forward to push, like you would an umbrella stroller. Plus, a basket underneath to allow parents a place to put their belongings; such as: purse, diaper bag, snacks and more. On the umbrella stroller I just hang the handles of the diaper bag and my purse over both handles and that works fine for me. However, some people carry a lot of heavy things and the under basket works better for them - to much weight on the handles of an umbrella stroller can cause the stroller to tip back and pose an injury risk to a small weight baby/child.

    These types of strollers are found in double and triple use - for multiple babies.

    Travel System: You will find this type of travel system is very common amongst parents these days. It is a stroller, rear facing infant car seat with base as a matching all in one set. This stroller system is sold together; however, many of them can be purchased separately. There are parents who don't want the stroller, just the car seat or vica versa.
    The car seat can go from car to stroller without taking the baby out. The car seat just locks into the stroller and you go. Again, I found I rarely used the stroller due to the inconvenience and I just locked the car seat into the grocery cart where the child seat part is. I also have found most parents did the same thing, where do you think I learned it from. I see many parents buy this system as it seems convenient, then they rarely use the stroller due to its clunkiness. Now if you are someone who takes a lot of walks, go into rocky, woodsy or dirt trails - then this might be a great system for you. As an umbrella stroller will not move to well in non-flat terrains since the wheels are smaller.

    Jogging Stroller: If you are a parent who likes to get out and get lots of exercise - including going on hikes and back trails. You will find these types of strollers a must have. They may not be too great to take everywhere you go, but they are great for outdoor fun.

    The wheels are designed to allow easier pushing, larger wheels to for less traction, great turning and movability in rugged areas. Great turns when jogging to make your turns without having to slow your speed down and zig zagged motion to move out and around the way of anything that may be about to block your way. They also generally are weather proof and have convenience accessory options for the parent’s convenience.

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    Sign up for these online services ASAP! They are wonderful, helpful and give you free samples, coupons and more!
    • BABY FORMULA: Breastfeeding (AKA: nursing) is always best. Some moms are unable to nurse due to medical reasons or difficulties and even with help, they find bottle feeding easier. I still recommend pumping milk and bottle feeding that way. Always talk to your doctor about your feeding choices. Now, it never hurts to have formula on hand for emergencies etc... I recommend applying for all these companies I list here for their free formula samples and coupons checks; that way you can see what your baby works best with, without all the out of pocket costs. Formula can get very costly - so trying them free is the way to go! The coupons and samples are mailed to you. (note: you can only get one free diaper bag at the hospital) I
    • Here are the offers below - Each one will ask if you plan on participating in the WIC program. If you want to get the coupons and most of their offers, I would suggest you say, "No". The reason is they won't send you anything if you say, "Yes". And, if you later find out you are denied to be apart of the WIC program, you will miss out on the coupons and freebies.
      • Similac - My preferred formula and it is less expensive than other name brands. Make sure to print out the free diaper bag request form and give it to the hospital you chose. *May not be available in all areas
      • Enfamil - They also mail you great freebies for signing up. They also have a free diaper bag option. I have to admit, their free diaper bag gifts have improved over the years. I got one 12 years ago when my first child was born and it was small and didn't have much at all. I never even used the bag at all. Now it is very stylish and large enough to use. *May not be available in all areas
      • Good Start - You get freebies, coupons and great special offers. There is also a free diaper bag offer here, too. I got one of these and I loved what came inside (I got a large can of formula, bottle, pacifiers, baby samples, coupons for other baby items, and more). I still use the diaper bag, I never had to buy one of my own, it's perfect and comes with a diaper changing pad for when you’re in public, and you can lay baby on it for cleanliness. Plus, the cell phone holder has come in handy quite a bit. *May not be available in all areas
      • Parents Choice - Sign-up today and receive a immune support baby formula sample and Parent's Choice Infant Formula news. If you're interested in snagging valuable coupons for Parents Choice Infant Formulas on a continuing basis, you can either e-mail ( every thirty days or call their toll-free consumer information line at 1-800-485-9918 every thirty days.
      • FREE Eco-Friendly Reusable Shopping Bag - Once you sign up for either the Home Mailing or e-newsletter, you are eligible to receive a free Heinz Nurture woven reusable shopping bag! Just check the box below! Each bag includes a Newborn information pamphlet, a growth chart, and a sample of Heinz Nurture infant formula (please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery).

        Home MailingsOur Mailings are delivered every couple of months starting when your baby is about four months old. Our Mailings include valuable coupons, detailed information about our wide variety of jarred foods and cereals, feeding suggestions and guides, and tips on what to expect as your little one gets older. Also, you'll receive samples and additional special offers right to your front door.
    • BABY DIAPERS: What type of diapering product do you prefer? Have you thought about it yet? There are many brands, styles and types of diapers you can find. Name brand or Non-Name brand? Disposable or Cloth? Organic or non-organic? Well, I prefer Huggies supreme styles and Pampers swaddlers, they are the best and most comfortable and leak free I have found, even compared to generics. But, what about saving money? Here is what I recommend doing.
      • Sign up for, you will pay less for those name brand diapers than you will anywhere else, even compared to Wal-Mart. Those of you who shop Costco or other types of wholesale may not find your name brand styles and they never accept coupons. However, will take coupons and compete for prices for even lower prices; so you get more for less. I stock up when they have sales on the diapers I use and combine the savings with the coupons I mailed in. They even take those formula coupon checks I just told you about when signing up to those companies above. Shipping is fast too!
        Sign up with using referral code: DENH8205 this lists me as your host referrer and you will get $10 off plus free shipping on your first order of $49.00 or more. WOW! Yes, you can register first, then mail in your manufacturer's coupons, then place your order using your referral discount and coupons!
        The Savings keep coming - sign up for The Caregivers Marketplace to earn cash back on your purchases! Plus, you will qualify for a free 1 year subscription to parents choice magazine. (link is on
      • - they will mail you coupons in the mail :) Plus, you can sign up for their point’s games and win prizes.
      • - You can get free coupons, samples and other special promotional offers on Pampers products and of course free diaper samples.
    • FREE BABY MAGAZINES: Being a parent can be challenging and it seems that no two baby is the same and we find ourselves with questions on what to do next. The hardest part is getting the latest information without a lot of work and money involved. I know that buying baby books can be expensive. My first recommendation is to find your local library and get your FREE library card and check out the book you need. Make sure to re-check it out on time if you need it longer to avoid those late fees. I found that many of the books I was looking for were at my local library and if for any reason they were all checked out, the librarian would help me look up a local library that had one in stock. You can also get FREE baby magazines mailed right to you!
      •   this website tells you many ways to get free baby items. I only list what I know works and is for real. I checked this out and when I started using the phone numbers and all the information they provided me, I was amazed! I did exactly what they said to do, I made the quick phone calls and viola - these companies were so nice and they said they would have the samples, coupons and/or products mailed to me in 8-10 business days (in most calls). My calls were quick and done with and my mail box was getting FREEBIES! Many trial size and full size samples too! This is so worth it, I can't even begin to thank this lady for having triplets and making her site!
      • - find coupons you won't find in the newspapers here you can print from home. I have also found that something these coupons are better than ones I find in the coupon section in the newspaper. For example: you can find save .40 on 6 Yoplait yogurts in the newspaper, but on they will read save .50 or .60 on 6 Yoplait yogurts; even $1.00 on 8.
      • - The Freecycle Network™ is made up of 4,793 groups with 7,208,000 members across the globe. It's a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (& getting) stuff for free in their own towns. It's all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills. It's easy to use and you can find really good baby items that people do not need anymore and are willing to let you come pick it up for free! This is a great way to help cut those baby costs.
      • - craigslist provides local classifieds and forums for jobs, housing, for sale, personals, services, local community, and events.
        Find your area and then use the feature for sale: baby+kids. You can find great items in your area you can purchase at great prices to help save on costs. I personally negotiate on 90% of the prices - as you never know what people will be willing to accept; unless they state the price is FIRM.
      • - Don't underestimate the power of consignment stores! I can sell my gently used baby and kids clothes and get a store credit or cash back for them. I prefer store credit as you get more back and you can buy some more clothes, toys etc.. to replace what you sold to them. Most consignment stores only have the best and name brand clothes are very reasonable prices. Other Mothers is a well known childrens consignment store in our area. This link I posted doesn't list all stores, so look them up in your local phone book or online.
      • - this blog will tell you where and how to get the best baby and other deals at your local stores using your coupons and theirs too. I have gotten Johnson and Johnson baby wash for as little as .19 a 9 oz bottle at target. YES, IT IS TRUE! Baby bottles FREE and baby soap FREE at target - just keep that link and check it daily!
      • Johnsons and Johnsons baby - Get Johnsons and Johnsons baby coupons straight from their site and print them off at home. (NEVER PHOTOCOPY ONLINE COUPONS TO GET MORE - STICK TO THE PRINTING LIMITS TO AVOID FRAUD)
      • - sign up with them and they mail you awesome coupons every couple or so weeks. They vary on what they will be, but most contain a coupon for one of the products free and a few more at a great dollar amount off.
      • - When money is tight, but you still want to enjoy a dinner date. Get a discounted gift certificate for the restaurant and print it and go. Pay $10 for a $25 gift certificate - most require your bill to be $50 or more to use the certificate, M-F, and generally won't include the cost of alcohol. But, half off dinner works for me! Check online from time to time for coupon codes for lesser prices. I paid $2 on a $25 gift certificate recently, using a coupon code.
      • Beech Nut baby food - Fill out this simple form and get a free beech nut baby food starter kit !!
      • Free Johnson’s & Johnson’s Parents Pack - This is a pack that comes with different johnson and johnson baby products to sample. A must have ! Just call 1-800-526-3967 to receive your free offer. NOTE: this call was easy - I pressed 1 kid info, then 1 for baby info, then 0 for operator after it told me about their websites and a nice man answered instantly and I asked about the "free mom pack" and they said they have it available and took my name, address, phone and email and that was it. They said it will arrive in 8-10 business days!
      • Coupons for Huggies, Pull-Ups, Goodnites, and Little Swimmers
        Fill out the form from Kimberley Clark brands. Available in U.S. and Canada.
      • e-mom rewards: For select cities - Choose your city below to sign up and receive your free gift and occasional email filled with valuable content and information for Moms, as well as coupons, special offers and savings offered ONLY to e-mom reward members.
      • Cash Back: Do all of your non-coupon shopping through I am someone who thought online shopping was for those with money to spend and just wanted convenience. I found out just recently how wrong I was and how much money savings and earnings I missed out on. If you shop at EBay, Wal-Mart, Target, just about anywhere and you want to save more money. Go to and sign up, most places will offer free shipping with a min purchase. So, let’s say you want to buy a cute $65 stroller for the baby, go through and go to the store (let's say and use the link to go to the website and then place your order using free shipping. This way you pay what you would have paid going into the store, but you earn 1.0% of your money back and it is applied to your account in a few days, plus you save the time and gas and hassle of going to the store; the package will come to you! Don't forget to check for coupon codes! You can apply them upon checkout for even more savings!!
        Wow, and that quickly adds up to Christmas money at the end of the year. So, it is like being able to get free Christmas gifts for others! It really does add up fast, and they give you $5.00 just for signing up. I would suggest to sign up and get your FREE $5.00 - then keep that link in your favorite’s folder. Anytime you want to buy anything online, even if it is a special deal - just go through to go to the retailer’s website and get some of the money you will spend back.

        It is easy, and the terms are easy too. They don't give you hassle on cashing out and don't have a large cash out policy - You can cash out every 3 months with a minimum of $5.01! You can get a check or have it sent via paypal and they pay the paypal fees, or shipping if you want a check mailed. Just sign up - takes a second and hold onto the account, you may find it useful when you have a baby. Like I said before, many online prices can be cheaper than the stores, top that off with free shipping and your cash back. You have more money for your growing family, and time to spend with them!

        I wish I would have heard of sooner. Even if you don't shop online much - even getting a small check of just $9.00 back after a few months is a great feeling! That's a free pack of diapers!
      • - This is a great survey company. It pays $3.00 per survey and they mail a check quickly. You do not have to meet any min. requirements. Just complete a survey they assign to you, and then they mail your check. That simple. Paypal deposits are available too.