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Easy, Yummy and Healthy Summer Treat

Do I have a treat to share with you! Here is a recipe for a sweet and yet still healthy for you treat while you are pregnant. One you can indulge in over and over again and not feel guilty - on the contrary you will feel good about what good things you are giving your baby and your body.

I love to make frozen fruit yogurt pops and they are easy to make. The local kids love them too and I have not told them they are healthy for them!

Here is all you will need: Do not add sugar - it's not needed!

Popsicle Maker
Fruit Juice
Plain Non-Fat Yogurt
Fruit of your choice

All you do is peel (if needed) and cut up some fruit you love - for example 2 bananas, several fresh straw berries, and a kiwi.
Drop them into your blender
Pour in about 8 oz of 100% fruit juice (lets use apple juice)
Scoop in about 1 - 1 1/2 cups of plain white yogurt

Now blend until smooth! You can modify to your preferred thickness

You can even pour some into a cup for a fresh smoothie while you wait! Pour your mixture into your pop maker put into your freezer and let freeze. Now wait until frozen and next time you feel like a creamy, smooth, sweet treat - just take one out of your freezer and hold under warm water to loosen it out of the plastic and serve.

You will get many of your needed vitamins and calcium too. You can get less sugar and more healthy into your body! Enjoy!


Temporary Absence -

I am in the process of packing up and moving to another location in my town. We will be busy this next two weeks: packing, cleaning, doing repairs at this location and then unpacking etc.... So, I will not be making any new posts until after the 4th of July -

I plan on doing a special giveaway when I come back - until then Take Care!

Review: Coffee and Tea while pregnant - try this!

I am not a medical professional - you should always consult with a medical professional before making any changes in your diet.

Are you pregnant and love your coffee and/or tea? Will giving up that morning routine be hard on you? Will getting exercise in the morning to wake you up instead not be something you will have time for or the ability to do? Well do I have a review for you! First please take a moment to read my important coffee and tea article before continuing.

So, now I am sure you are wondering why I would be reviewing a coffee/tea company. The answer is simple: I want to provide all my readers with as much help on their 9 month journey with their growing unborn child. I want your journey to be a happy and healthy one for both you and your unborn child.

First off, I am not much of a coffee drinker - and that is a very important message to you coffee lovers. I personally do not care for the taste of most coffee products out there. My favorite and generally only coffee product that I drink is a Java Chip Frappachino from Star Bucks - to me that is like a nice gourmet slice of chocolate cheesecake! Yummy - So, you could imaging the idea of giving up my once a month treat was not an easy one - but with the exception of two encounters at a local Star Bucks I made the sacrifice. And, even on those two encounters I shared the lovely drink with my husband as not to get to much caffeine. And, yes I felt so guilty that that whole day and next day I worried if my baby was going to be OK. Sounds a bit much, I know - but in life I have found even the smallest choices can turn out to be the ones that can come back on me the hardest.

And, so I took a "healthier for you" coffee challenge (no I am not pregnant, but I am breastfeeding my 5 month old) courtesy of Lisa, from I tried the Gourmet Latté Coffee and I really loved it! One of the best things I liked about it was how smooth it was and most importantly I wasn't left with a harsh aftertaste that just stuck around. I found the taste very pleasant and the strength not to strong and not weak at all. I can defiantly recommend this coffee for anyone who loves coffee or even for those who are a light coffee drinker like me.

This coffee I tried today was individually packaged by serving size to help assure freshness and you can even take it on the go with you. So, when you are at work or just out - you can just add to hot water and enjoy! And for light casual drinkers like myself, you can just make a fresh cup when you wish to have one.

What about the caffeine?
OG coffee contains less caffeine than decaf coffee, the Ganoderma mushroom is the source of natural, organic energy. Wow, who would've thought that you can get your coffee from something better and healthier for you than coffee beans! So, now you can replace your coffee for something you would think was your coffee and feel better about your body and how your unborn baby is doing.

More reasons to switch - Did you know that Ganoderma is actually healthy for you and your unborn baby?! I was a little surprised myself by the research I have done. Why not read for yourself:

More information on Ganoderma:
Can I take Ganoderma during pregnancy?
Is ganoderma good for pregnent lady?

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Stock up and save on baby toiletries

 I save a lot of money each month on diapers and wipes and other baby needs by using coupons. I know many moms may not have time to collect and cut coupons from their newspaper. However, there are still other ways to save on these things; you can print them off the Internet. Beware - it is illegal (fraud) to photocopy coupons you print - coupons printed online have limits and individual codes.

Most coupons can be printed two times - so you click print and then go back to the coupon link and print another one - if you try to go back a third time, most cases it will say you have reached your limit. Keep in mind a limit is per computer, so if you have a laptop or another computer you can print more from them.

Here are rare high value coupons for wipes.

First go here: huggies wipes coupons print once - then click again and print a 2nd time. (this is a $2/2 wipes coupon) You'll get 2 coupons

Then go here: There are 2 huggies wipes coupons to find - select them both and print - then do it again printing a 2nd time. (1 coupon is $2/1 huggies wipes and the other is $2/2 huggies wipes) You'll get 4 coupons
*You can also find $3/1 huggies supreme diapers and $3/1 huggies snug and dry - I do not like the snug and dry they leaked - I love the supreme ones!

Combine these coupons with a sale or store coupons to get really affordable name brand wipes and diapers! So, stock up when you find coupons and save money - even if the baby is not born yet. I stocked up in advance and was so grateful that I did; that allowed me to only buy huggies during sales to stock up and so I always spend less than $5.00 a pack of diapers. This week at rite aid I was able to get huggies supreme diapers for $2.05 each jumbo pack and wipes for $1.00 (64-72 count tubs)! I combined sale prices, rite aid video value coupons, rebates and huggies manufacturer coupons. To learn more about this visit:

Don't forget to join Enjoy the Rides Rewards if you do buy huggies! Enter your points you get from each package and you can earn free gifts! 300 points gets you a free package of huggies diapers! So, save money and get free gifts from your purchases! You can also get free points randomly given out by Huggies to add to your account points to reach your free gifts goal faster - find some here!