Easy, Yummy and Healthy Summer Treat

Do I have a treat to share with you! Here is a recipe for a sweet and yet still healthy for you treat while you are pregnant. One you can indulge in over and over again and not feel guilty - on the contrary you will feel good about what good things you are giving your baby and your body.

I love to make frozen fruit yogurt pops and they are easy to make. The local kids love them too and I have not told them they are healthy for them!

Here is all you will need: Do not add sugar - it's not needed!

Popsicle Maker
Fruit Juice
Plain Non-Fat Yogurt
Fruit of your choice

All you do is peel (if needed) and cut up some fruit you love - for example 2 bananas, several fresh straw berries, and a kiwi.
Drop them into your blender
Pour in about 8 oz of 100% fruit juice (lets use apple juice)
Scoop in about 1 - 1 1/2 cups of plain white yogurt

Now blend until smooth! You can modify to your preferred thickness

You can even pour some into a cup for a fresh smoothie while you wait! Pour your mixture into your pop maker put into your freezer and let freeze. Now wait until frozen and next time you feel like a creamy, smooth, sweet treat - just take one out of your freezer and hold under warm water to loosen it out of the plastic and serve.

You will get many of your needed vitamins and calcium too. You can get less sugar and more healthy into your body! Enjoy!



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