Family Values

  • How to handle family advice givers & Critics
  • I almost believe every family has at least one close relative who is guilty of thinking they can live your life and raise your children by far better than you can and do they love to express it.

    Truthfully, many parents have different parenting skills and some may think theirs is better and in reality, it is not or it is the same goose different color. I personally have had much advice given to me with all my children that was not asked for and I heard them out, but I still do things based on my personal research and not just the advice of one or another person who just doesn't agree with me for no real factual reason.

    To make things better, I have discussed many of these advice givers' and critics suggestions to professionals; like my doctor and their nurses, family counsilors and even did online reasearch and have found that in most all cases - I was in fact doing the right thing and the advice that was given to me was not always very good advice and should be disregarded.

    Many times those advice givers and critics give advice based on how they were raised and how their family did things and many of those family traditions have been found - not so good for kids - and those advice givers are so bent on being the smart ones, they generally never listen to what doctors or professionals these days have to say on the matter. They feel they are right and they will make sure you understand that and they are more upset if you hurt their feelings then if they hurt yours. It seems they feel their reasoning for hurting your feelings is justified and you shouldn't blame them for just trying to help.

    With that said: They really usually only mean the best - so do not give them a hard time. Here is a great site I read on this issue and I thought I would share it. Also read:

  • How to keep dad involved - sharing baby time
  • This subject is best discussed with dad before baby's arrival. Sit down and talk about making a baby duty schedule with dad so you both are in agreement after the baby is born and do not have to endure the stress of arguments over lack of sleep and who did what last etc...

    Check out these sites:

  • How to bring family together, including siblings
  • Its about presentation. Always involve your children in the new baby before it is born, have them read to your belly. Draw in a connection and bond before baby is born and when the baby is born have your children have an active role in helping and being a big brother/sister. If they feel they are important to the new baby and the new baby loves them so much, it is a blessing to them.

    Saying don't touch the baby, leave the baby alone, you will hurt the baby - will cause jealousies and worries to your children. Keeping them involved with baby will help bring the whole family together -