Hair loss after pregnancy - Say bye, bye to that pregnancy hair fullness!

Hair Loss After Pregnancy - Have you ever heard of such a thing?

I never have until 14 months ago - when it happened to me. I was already a proud mother of two girls; hair loss at the age of 29 was not something I worried about at all. Then, one day right about the time my 3rd daughter turned 4 months I began to notice my hair was falling out in bulk loads and when I washed my hair I was able to pull about 30 stands out at a time. Oh NO MY beautiful hair!

I was completely devastated and very confused - what in the world was happening to me? I was finding hair on my pillow, pulling it off my shirts, just about from everywhere.

My hair loss was coming from the front and sides of my head near my temples. I quickly started to research this phenomenon to find out what was going on. And, to my surprise - what was happening to my hair was actually a normal side effect of hormones due to pregnancy. It is actually fairly common, even though everyone I knew said it did not happen to them. Well, I just felt special - NOT!

At this same time I got pregnant with my forth daughter and she is now just four months old and guess what - about a week ago my hair has started to fall out in clumps again. However, this time I am not worried nor am I as self conscious. I have come to notice it is not as noticeable to others as I thought it was - merely since I know what my hair is like and they do not. I even color in my scalp on the side of my head with an eye liner that matches my hair color and use my finger to blend it in (it's only about the size of a quarter). Soon enough the new hair that is growing will replace my lost hair and will be back to normal.

When I spoke to my doctor about this I was told that when a woman gets pregnant her scalp stops shedding her hair like it normally should and actually holds onto it. This is why pregnant woman start to notice fuller more lustrous hair. Shortly after the baby is born her hormones go back to normal and so does her hair cycle. In which the hair that should have fallen out before, now all falls out at once. But, not to worry - new hair is growing in at the same time and the hair loss will only be temporary.

To learn more about this from a medical perspective - check out these sites I have listed for you:
American Pregnancy dot org - this is a very helpful site which even covers recommendations for your hair during and after pregnancy!
Baby Center dot com - Find out answers from a dermatoligist
Yahoo Answers: See what real people have asked and learned about this subject


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I recently visited your blog. It is a very interesting one. Keep it up.

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Great blog! Following you from the MBC.

Happy Gramma said...

Oh, yes, how I remember those days! But you know what???.... After my hair came out, it came back in thicker than before. This happened 6 times!! I am 57 now and my hair is still thick and long!
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