Stock up and save on baby toiletries

 I save a lot of money each month on diapers and wipes and other baby needs by using coupons. I know many moms may not have time to collect and cut coupons from their newspaper. However, there are still other ways to save on these things; you can print them off the Internet. Beware - it is illegal (fraud) to photocopy coupons you print - coupons printed online have limits and individual codes.

Most coupons can be printed two times - so you click print and then go back to the coupon link and print another one - if you try to go back a third time, most cases it will say you have reached your limit. Keep in mind a limit is per computer, so if you have a laptop or another computer you can print more from them.

Here are rare high value coupons for wipes.

First go here: huggies wipes coupons print once - then click again and print a 2nd time. (this is a $2/2 wipes coupon) You'll get 2 coupons

Then go here: There are 2 huggies wipes coupons to find - select them both and print - then do it again printing a 2nd time. (1 coupon is $2/1 huggies wipes and the other is $2/2 huggies wipes) You'll get 4 coupons
*You can also find $3/1 huggies supreme diapers and $3/1 huggies snug and dry - I do not like the snug and dry they leaked - I love the supreme ones!

Combine these coupons with a sale or store coupons to get really affordable name brand wipes and diapers! So, stock up when you find coupons and save money - even if the baby is not born yet. I stocked up in advance and was so grateful that I did; that allowed me to only buy huggies during sales to stock up and so I always spend less than $5.00 a pack of diapers. This week at rite aid I was able to get huggies supreme diapers for $2.05 each jumbo pack and wipes for $1.00 (64-72 count tubs)! I combined sale prices, rite aid video value coupons, rebates and huggies manufacturer coupons. To learn more about this visit:

Don't forget to join Enjoy the Rides Rewards if you do buy huggies! Enter your points you get from each package and you can earn free gifts! 300 points gets you a free package of huggies diapers! So, save money and get free gifts from your purchases! You can also get free points randomly given out by Huggies to add to your account points to reach your free gifts goal faster - find some here!


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Krogers has a great deal right now w/ Huggies-buy $15 worth of huggies products and get an automatic #3 off w/ your Krogers plus card. Combine that with your coupons you printed off and you can get diapers for next to nothing!
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a lot of times you can go directly to the manufacturers website and sign up for their newsletters and mailing lists and they will send you booklets of coupons for some of the products they make. I think the ones I did that with was Pampers and Huggies. Both my kids are out of diapers now, but I still receive them LOL. I just give them to friends who can use them lol.

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